soap bubbles

Have you? You pull out the stick with the gaping hole at the end of it


put it right in front of your mouth

and then you blow

From your breath and action, out comes a stream of bubbles!

Watch how beautiful they are but you know what? As human beings, we don’t. We let the kids pop them one by one as we frantically repeat the action so that more bubbles can be produced. The bubbles are soon met with gleeful screams of delight from the kids. Frankly, some grown-ups find bubbles quite arresting as well. What’s not to love about bubbles….except for the soap residue that it leaves on the ground?

So, you’ve blown bubbles in the park but have you watched them?

One by one, each of them of different size and beauty, blown out and floating at different heights, sighing gracefully towards the ground. The colors reflected through the bubbles are particularly interesting to watch. All of them reflect colors at a different angle.

Sometimes, I think of those bubbles as human lives. Each of us products of breath. Each of us are given beauty and intelligence and yet we are in an environment that we cannot control. Some floats to the ground, some hits the park bench (ouch!), others glide together towards the same destination. Well, some end up being poked out by kids in the park or ‘eaten’ by the wishful-thinking dog beside the bench.



bubble man